Google launches News Showcase in Japan; to pay fees to 40 publishers


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The news is pretty much the same on all sites. The JT has an active comments forum, making it more interesting. I enjoy reading the flame wars on contentious US issues, and comments from Japanese folk. I wonder if news sites using the service will be allowed to run news stories critical of Google.

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Well if the Google News site allows comments, I know where I’m headed.

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Google is just coopting Japanese media now. They've sold themselves up to Big Tech

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Yes almost all news website are just copy past of some other centralized news, even this one is from KYODO.

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So only 40 are gonna be paid

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Hope there's an option to hide articles that are behind a paywall from this app that I will never use

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With the concentration of a few centralized news in rich people's hands and an explosion of copy-paste websites, the propaganda has some glorious days ahead.

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