Gov't warns drivers to check floor mats in cars


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Wonder why Toyota isn't doing this in Japan? Interesting.....

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No brainer, punitive damages in civil cases are punt in Japan. Class actions are almost non-existent, it is a business decision.

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Prompt action.......not.

But more information is suggesting that the electronic throttle control (no direct cable link) is the cause, not the floor mat or pedal.

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It could also be a technical reason. I had a Mazda RX-8 and for floor mats bought in Japan there was a hole that goes over a clip in the footwell ensuring the mat would not move. Whereas, RX-8 floormats bought in Australia did not have this and could therefore move around. Or was it the other way around.

The real question for me is, there is a cheap and simple solution in place in some markets, why isn't it being used in all markets worldwide?

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Mechanical accelerator pedals are pulled back to the off/up position by a spring that must be strong enough to move a long cable, and perhaps even throttle. The spring to return an accelerator pedal to the off/up position in an electronic system can be any strength. Freed of any mechanical limitation, Toyota may have made the pedal easier to push, and easier to snag on matting.

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Um. I choose to ignore this warning because there is no information about what I am supposed to be "checking" for.

The "government" deserves fifty lashes with a wet noodle for trying to limit manufacturers' liability with this meaningless warning without making consumers one bit safer. AP should be given 30 days in the hole for crummy editing.

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I never get floor mats with my cars. Waste of money. I want my carpets to look the age of the car when I trash it, not bran new.

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Yeah, I was wondering how to check the mats are properly installed when there is no information on how they should be installed.

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