GPlus Media acquired by Fuji TV-Lab


Fuji TV-Lab LLC , a subsidiary of Fuji Media Holdings Inc, has announced the acquisition of GPlus Media Co and its affiliate company Real Estate Japan KK (REJ).

GPlus Media, a pioneer media company targeting the international community in Japan and abroad, operates several leading English websites such as Japan Today, which covers news from Japan, and GaijinPot, which offers job and lifestyle information for foreigners in Japan and global readers who are interested in Japan. REJ operates the website, which offers information on rental/sale of real estate for foreigners. It has grown rapidly in response to the increasing needs of foreigners who live in Japan and foreign investors.

The Japanese government has set an annual target of 20 million foreign visitors to Japan in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympics Games and Fuji Media Holdings expects this will increase the demand for media targeting foreign residents and visitors to Japan at an accelerated pace.

In the context of this trend, Fuji Media Holdings understands that there is a favorable opportunity to create several inbound/outbound businesses and thus welcomes GPlus Media and REJ into the group to strengthen its ability to reach the foreign community in Japan.

Going forward, the FMH group will make the best use of the GPlus Media group’s prestige and marketing know-how in order to enhance Fuji TV-Lab’s web-based business and the FMH group’s human resources, real estate and advertising businesses and to develop new business fields such as health, education, food and entertainment.

In addition, the FMH group will focus on a diversification of its business through a solution service including marketing support and production of contents for Japanese companies which are engaged in the ever-growing inbound business, holding events for foreigners and the possibility of collaboration with the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions)/IR business.

The FMH group has been engaged in enhancing its corporate value as a media conglomerate company.

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©2024 GPlusMedia Inc.

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kaching Means, today drinks are on the house?

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Interesting. Considering Japan Today is owned by the company that just got purchased, I wonder what the change in ownership will entail for this site.

Pretty impressive overall for a company that started with one small website ( They've turned into a company with multiple holdings, and now to be purchased by a fairly big company. A true success story for the founders.

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I miss Gaijinpot, before it was cyber attached.

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Alot of the stories from Reuters and especially AFP on this site are really great. They report on Japan as it truly is. I hope Fuji doesn't insist on saving money by having their own Japanese news content translated and pasted here. I also hope there is no pressure to self censor stories that are less favourable to Japan.

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Congrats to the founders and others with an invested interest in the company! I wonder how this will effect the way information is dessiminated to the foreign community in Japan. Will there be a bias spin on the information? Or will there still be some objectivity on the websites?

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Congratulations to the founders who built the business from a small room in Nagoya with the idea "Gaijinpot" over 15 years ago. From teaching English full time, to going part time, to then running Gaijinpot full time and moving to Tokyo and building the business out further, it is a great start up in Japan story.

A well deserved congratulations to the two partners from me and likely from a lot of the Japantoday community. It would be great to see more stories like this going forward.


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