Greening global economy brings dependence on critical minerals


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"green" energy what a joke

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Who woulda thunk?

How soon are we going to hear about the excessive profits of “Big Green”? How’s your investment portfolio doing, Al Gore?

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How is it green when it still outputs massive quantities of industrial waste and destroys the earth in the process?

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....and that is why I have Tesla solar and battery at home, AND a Tesla car on order. But they are paid from my stocks in fossil energy. Green politics will always drive up demand for fossil. The last 2 climate conferences (COP25 & COP26) were FULLY dominated by negotiation on carbon certificates, not actually emission reduction.

They forced (manhandled) Greta Thunberg out, they forced countries like Australia and Japan to tear up current certificates and buy new ones. Lets not talk about embarassing issues like Germany having lots of renewable generation capacity, but most electricity is sourced from fossil generators and money going to Russia. Oh hello wind doesn't always blow, sun doesn't always shine, dam doesn't always fill and if you generate you still have to store and transmit to where power is used.

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Green economy means poverty, child labor, energy shortage, reduced production, transportation shortage, high inflation, environmental damage due to metal mining, high fossil fuel demand, and the list goes on.

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Any alternative energy "solution" will remain a problem as long as economists and governments continue to fixate on GDP growth at any cost.

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