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Haneda's international terminal to be renamed Terminal 3 in March 2020


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Haneda is definitely becoming the better option for Tokyo travelers.

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Good move. On tickets, international terminal was abbreviated as “I”, which can be confused with 1.

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Now if only we could quadruple the capacity of Haneda, transfer all Narita flights to Haneda, and shut Narita down....

Sorry, just fantasizing.....


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Good News. I know NONE of the details. The International Terminal is now overcrowded at so many times during the day, especially late night and early morning for departures.

As it seems that Terminal 2 is undergoing fitting out with Immigration etc I can only speculate that ANA will be moving their International flights there.

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I flew into Narita for the first two of my annual visits to Japan. Every trip since then has landed at Haneda. It's a far better option than Narita. But, I'm having trouble with that increase in flights. 99,000 from 60,000 is an increase of more than 60%. Immigration and customs will be swamped, and the wait time for everyone will be undoubtedly be a longer than it is now. For me, that's an irritant.

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Great, that means the distinction between 1 and I will be finally resolved!!!!

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And for those within Central Tokyo locations, Haneda is somewhat more convenient, though it depends on where you are going, flights however need to be restricted to avoid overnight disturbance, which is where Narita comes in to play.

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