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Hawaii sues Ford, Nissan and Toyota over Takata air bags

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By Cathy Bussewitz

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This is classic. Step back and look at it. The claimant gets all lawyered up and then makes a statement and announces a lawsuit.

Now stop right there. What do the media do? They sensationalize, using words like "grenade" to exaggerate the claims and scare people. Nobody in Hawaii is even accusing anybody of an injury or problem at all. The allegation is simply that somebody should have known something a decade ago. Good luck with that.

And what do the defendants do? They say NOTHING. Because of course they say nothing. Their lawyers tell them that because they have nothing to gain by defending themselves. They minimize damage to the brand by just pleading guilty or no contest. Just keep it out of court.

What happens next? WITCH HUNT! Everyone pile on. Bring up allegations of disgruntled employees. Hearsay. Alleged victims. Something that might have happened 10 years ago. Whatever. Why not? The defendants are SURE to remain silent, so let the absurd claims and exaggerations go on ad infinitum! Nobody will sue you for making any old claim you want to. Editors and journalists do not even exist anymore. Just buy your PR and let the law firm pay for it.

This has happened over and over and over. Lawyers and the press have done this to Audi, GM, Toyota, Takata, TEPCO.... and they will keep doing it. Lawyers and the press have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Wider publicity means more plaintiffs, even if they are just making things up.

It is the "ambulance chaser / new media" shakedown, and it WORKS! The only defense is to hire better lawyers and pay for better media coverage.

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