Hawaii sues Takata, Honda over defective air bags


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Keep it coming!!

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I still can't understand why nothing is being done about in Japan. I have a Stepwgn in the suspected model range, but have not received any notification about a recall. Are they just ignoring it in Japan?

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Disillusioned: "I still can't understand why nothing is being done about in Japan."

Because of the last two words in your first question.

"Are they just ignoring it in Japan?"

Not all companies, and I know people that have gotten recall notices, but for the most part, yes, they're doing the old "maybe if we wait and pray, nothing will happen -- or at least not until we've run away with the company money (ie. retired)". It'll take about 60 years before they admit anything.

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If you are a secondary owner (bought a used car) Honda may not know you are a owner of one of these recalled cars. = make sure your car is "registered" with Honda.

It is smart what Hawaii is doing to put pressure on Honda to fix their cars faster than the rest. The problem with this is that the airbags/parts for your vehicles may not be available yet.

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I'd say this will snowball into eventually sinking the company. The fact that this has largely been avoided by the Japanese media is quite frankly disgusting.

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Is there a recall in Japan?

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In America, they love to sue.

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These incidents are a call to a total reform in Japanes companies. The rusted bureaucracies keep thinking it is thoroughly fine to manipulate data and components. In the era of technology such behavior is baffling and unacceptable.

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Honda was in a position where the company should have known what was going on, Levins said.

Unless you can prove they DID know what was going on, I predict that Honda will get dropped as a defendant in the suit. One could argue that "Stephen Levins, executive director of the Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection" should have known what was going on but apparently didn't. Does that mean he needs to sue himself?

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Yeah it is sad that takata better much gets a pass here in Japan, good ole Japan Inc & the media join hands to NOT report on this, surely people have died in Japan because of these bags, is anybody even checking??? Seems not

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