Heavy load: Supply chain woes strain U.S. trucking


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If it's ONE thing to stay on top of, it's your Vehicle & it's Maintenence :|

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Every company I ever worked for in transportation or warehousing expected drivers and other employees to break laws, cheat customers and the public to satisfy top management. The top managers are all crooks and assume everyone else is too. If you refuse to do something they tell you to do that is illegal they come unglued screaming and threatening you. Then those same managers find every excuse they can to short you on pay. It drains the soul to work for dishonest employers and then have to fight with them to be paid what you earned. Then these same managers whine and cry about a driver shortage. Anyone who has anything else going for them gets out and never comes back. It's a toxic industry.

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but Wade says drivers' top concerns are difficult working environments, inadequate pay and logistics mismanagement.

He is exactly right.

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Logistics is a difficult business. I have been in the logistics industry for over thirty years with a large US company. Treat people well and business is good.

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