Hello Kitty company gets new boss after 60 years


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New boss, ‘Please give her a mouth’

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Ah, after all the hard work, the golden months, weeks?

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This is the BIGGEST problem in Japan, dinosaurs refusing to get off the stage and refusing to innovate or let any one younger to have any say in directing the company. Suzuki (car company) had the same problem with the 90+ CEO barging into company meetings and making a jackass of himself due to increasing dementia. Hmmm, the have a similar situation in some "royal family" that speaks....English.

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New boss, ‘Please give her a mouth

My son says that is a terrible idea, having no mouth is why itbis so popular. Who knew!?

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After 60 years I hardly think she is still a "kitty". Sanrio needs an update to its characters from 20th to 21st century, and hopefully the guy can/wil do it.

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change of leadership to younger hands will prove it growth and success wish the new team leader goodluck

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