High Turnover Rate for Young Employees


According to The Nippon Keizai Shinbun, Education is the number one industry which holds the highest turnover rate in Japan. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reported that the average 30% of college graduates quit their first job within three years. The turnover rate in Education is almost double the average. This leads to an estimation that a quarter of the new graduates in Education industry leaves their job within one year. The article points out ‘lack of sufficient training’ as one the major reasons for the high turnover rate of young employees. As the data below indicates, industries which require a long time training, such as Manufacturing shows lower turnover rate. Finally, Nippon Keizai Shinbun’s employment research team suggests that transparency of company’s actual condition, especially the turnover rate, will prevent job seekers from applying to unfit jobs.

[Turnover rate: three years after graduation (%)]

  1. Education 48.8%
  2. Hospitality, Food and beverage 48.5%
  3. Entertainment 45.0%
  4. Medical/ Social Welfare 38.6%
  5. Real Estate 38.5%
  6. Retailing 35.8%
  7. Academic Research 31.7%
  8. Construction 27.6%
  9. Wholesale Industry 26.8%
  10. IT 25.1%
  11. Transportation 20.8%
  12. Finance 18.9%
  13. Manufacturing 18.9%
  14. Utilities 7.4%
  15. Mining 6.1%
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"Education" = Meaning what?

Are we talking about the hoikuens, yochiens, and daycares too? Or just elementary schools and upwards?

If the former are included, I can not say I am surprised. Those jobs are horrible - long work hours, very few holidays, and crappy pay. Its not so much leaving your job because you dont like your job, as much as complete and utter burnout.

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Quick question,

The average is 3% within three years. It says that the turnover rate for education is almost double the average, which would make it almost 6% within three years?

Then It says that a quarter of new graduates in Education leave their jobs within one year, that would be 25%. And then the quote says:

Education 48.8%

Am I missing something here?

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No ... I think it meant that, Of ALL The people who graduate from a university or college in Japan, 3% of them (as in total graduates) will leave their job within 3 years. so 97% dont leave their job after graduation within 3 years.

In the area of education, specifically, ONLY looking at this area, 48.8% of all graduates leave within 3 years. So they estimate that within 1 year, about 25% leave.

Im also confused about the "double the average" thing too though...

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Thanks kimuzukashii,

I would really love to see the actual article in the Nippon Keizai Shinbun, I am pretty sure that there's something off with the JT article.

Mods, you sometimes provide the URL of the original articles. Is this something that could be done for this particular story? Thanks.

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