H.I.S. sets up travel agency on Hainan Island


Discount ticket seller H.I.S. Co has established a travel agency on China's Hainan Island jointly with the Shanghai Airlines group. The joint firm, H.I.S. (Hainan) International Travel Service Co, is slated to start operations in November, aiming to attract Japanese tourists to the resort island.

The new company is owned 80% by H.I.S. and 20% by Shanghai Airlines Holiday Tours Co, a travel agency affiliated with Shanghai Airlines.


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Makes lots of sense why Japanese would want to go. Hainan's a pretty wild place and I've heard prostitution is rampant there.

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"Hainan's a pretty wild place and I've heard prostitution is rampant there."

Depends where you go. Any bustling city with lots of cash flowing around will inevitably attract sex workers and tourists. Especially when the formula is right: sun, sea, sand and sex!

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I would hardly call H.I.S. a discount seller. I always find them to be about 10 - 20% more expensive than other outlets...

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they have never been a discount seller except for their own special HIS tours (usually just a single page of tours). Everything else like JAL tours and one off's are more expensive than JTB.

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The worst customer service I ever received in Japan came from an H.I.S. representative.

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does not make much sense for them to do this. i have been in Hainan, not much to do there other than to go to the beach or shack up for a few days. Unless they set up some customer service center.

Prostitution is actually not as common there. Since this is a getaway type place, most of the p***y is BYO... at least from my experience haha.

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