Hitachi switches global rail business to London


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This is startling news. I daresay it's because big bureaucratic JR East dominates the Japanese market and makes life miserable for its suppliers. The European model, of manufacturers driving the innovation, is a lot better for manufacturers with ambitions of being innovative.

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Its too bad that Japanese rail expertise was not invited to create the Hawaii rail project... that is using Italian sleds on steel rails instead of magrail.

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Way to go, Hitachi Rail. Watch other J brands bring their resources as close as possible to their customers.

To retain any manufacturing here, relations in the immediate vicinity are going to have to improve...

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Japan is filled with the best of best engineers, but not good at sales.

You need to explain why others need to buy the rails from Japan, not from France, China? What is your features compared to others? Japan need to create a VALUE of product to others.

Japan has invested a lot and I am confident that your product is superior. You guys need to rock and roll for sales. Take no prisoners!! Okay?

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