H&M opens flagship store in Shibuya


Swedish fashion company H&M on Saturday open sits flagship store in Tokyo's Shibuya district. The company, which made its debut in Japan last autumn with a store in Ginza, also has other stores in Harajuku, Yokohama, Saitama (Shin-Misato) and plans to open another in Shinjuku on Nov 14.

The Shibuya store covers 2,800 square meters. Floors one to three are for women, and the 4th floor for men. H&M PR manager Mie Anton said H&M is selling an underwear line for the first time, while the Yokohama store -- which opened on Sept 5 -- has a children's line.

"Merchandising varies a little at each store," Anton said. "We have been in Japan for only a year but the response has been overwhelming. That is probably still due to the opening effect but from now on, we will get a better idea of what customers want."

Despite the recession, Anton said H&M is confident of success without resorting to price markdowns. "Our concept of providing fashion and quality at the best price is what we do best. We never say we provide cheap clothes; it’s always the best prices for quality level."

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But, when will it come to Sapporo? It's great being able to find jeans/jackets that are long enough (and still fashionable and cheap)

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Yeah, Aichi too...

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They were actually making people wait in line, with the door roped off, with just a sprinkling of customers allowed inside at one time. This was in order to make it look busy. Pretty lame. When I walked past about 7pm tonight there was a line of about 100 people looking slightly irritated at being made to wait, while other customers were browsing around inside.

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where this shop located in shibuya ?

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need one in osaka!

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I don`t need one as l have had some H&M clothes from Sweden and they were crap.

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meguro: It's near Donki, past 109-2.

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I don't like H&M

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