Hokkaido Air System takes delivery of third ATR 42-600


Hokkaido Air System’s (HAC) latest ATR 42-600 left Toulouse has arrived in Japan, with a brand new One World Alliance livery and using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

The aircraft is the third ATR 42-600 that the airline, operated by Japan Airlines, has received since its first delivery in December 2019 and becomes the 14th ATR -600 to operate in Japan.

The ATR has proven to be successful in connecting communities across the Japanese archipelago, thanks to its effectiveness at taking-off and landing on short runways.

Another reason for the aircraft’s success in Japan is its fuel burn efficiency in a country which is extremely diligent in reducing its carbon dioxide emissions.

ATR aircraft burn up to 40% less fuel than a similarly sized regional jet and therefore emit up to 40% less CO2.

Further emission savings are possible by fueling the aircraft with SAF and ATR recently launched a project to fly an aircraft fuelled with 100% SAF. A demonstration flight is planned for Spring 2022 with a target of 2025 for the possibility of using 100% SAF on commercial ATR flights.

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ATR's are Europe's workhorses, flying literarily everywhere. It's quite amazing that nowadays a turboprop plane is still this succesfull, but it's difficult (close to impossible) to beat this setup's efficiency with turbojets.

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SAFs would be good if they can get the cost down, which is currently around 3-5 times the cost of conventional aviation fuels, and there are no safety issues (there are no indications that they're unsafe).

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Again French (…and Italian exceptionally :)) technology !

French and Italian. It was created in 1981 as a joint venture between Aérospatiale of France and Aeritalia of Italy.

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Looks good and sounds good.

SAF means sustainable aviation fuel apparently, (had to look it up) so it is not a fossil fuel.

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Again French (…and Italian exceptionally :)) technology !

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Désert…why you have to repeat my message in another phraseology ???

Like I said it was, again like so many French technologies unlike Italian one…« French (…and Italian…) technology !

Is it paraphrase or plagiarism ?

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And please stop your « copy and paste » of Wikipedia !!!

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