Honda's N-Box

Honda's N-Box remains top seller in Japan in November


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Anyone know the crash rating on this?

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No safety rating for this shoe box.

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Six out of the top ten sellers are minicars that Japanese firms cannot sell overseas. Well they could try, but the cars won't get the preferential tax, toll, and registration treatment that makes them popular in Japan. Some of these popular keis cost close to two million yen when common options are added, so they are not cars for poor people. Genuine poor people do not buy new cars.

With the auto industry facing huge disruption with electric cars, car sharing, and self-driving, I fear when I see Japanese manufacturers making Galapagos products. There are bigger things that they should be concentrating on.

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Minicars: the happosu of the auto world. Developed to meet the needs of impoverished Japanese farmers in the 1950s, they exist today only because the government grants their owners exclusive financial privileges.

They've taken a third of the market share in the world's third biggest economy in the 21st century. Bizarre.

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Almost never see a Japanese car commercial focusing on crash safety,,,

One minor accident in that box and you could easily be in a wheelchair for life.

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JeffLee, they are also easier to park in the crowded Japanese urban environment. To buy a big car you need to have a large parking spot.

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And an uglier looking deathtrap I've yet to see.

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"they are also easier to park in the crowded Japanese urban environment."

So the govt should remove the preferential treatment it gives to buyers and owners, and then let's how popular they remain.

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I have a Honda Stream and have no problem parking anywhere in Tokyo in a normal sized spot.

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