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Honda announces $11 bil EV battery and vehicle plant in Canada

By Michel COMTE

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It's nice to see Honda investing in 3rd World countries such as Canada.

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Another giant investment in another country. Another missed opportunity to generate and rejuvenate provincial areas and populations here in Japan

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Largest automobile markets worldwide in 2023, based on new car registrations

China 25.8 million

USA 15.4 million

Europe 12.8 million

India 4.1 million

Japan 4 million


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It's nice to see Honda investing in 3rd World countries such as Canada.

How true. Canadian industry has gone from great to pathetic pretty quickly. The world's largest train manufacturer and third largest airliner maker used to be Canadian not too long ago. Same with internet equipment, Nortel. The world's most popular smartphone, Blackberry, was from a Canadian company, and so on.

No more. That's all gone. Nowadays Canada does close to nothing economically and socially, and its myriad crises show no signs of going away.

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And it only costs Canadian taxpayer $5,000,000 for each job.

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Promising news for Canada and Honda. Of course people will always be negative about anything these days, but it means more EV vehicles and batteries NOT produced in totalitarian China, and produced in a democracy. Looking at you, Musk.

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The only sad part is that its in Ontario. Trudeau and the Liberals are well known for ignoring the West. Canada is a very unbalanced country when it comes to its manufacturing. Almost everything is located in the East. This is why the Alberta economy tanks every time there is an energy glut. There are virtually no other industries there so sustain economic growth long term.

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The move to electric transportation is very urgent. Those who are sluggish might miss the train. And yes, the investment should have directed to Japan – let the Canadians invest on their own land.

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Great. And I wonder if Trudeau will also build enough housing for the new workers. I understand housing affordability there, as huge a country as it is, is very bad.

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Honda will regret it later!

Didn't it learn it's lesson back in the 80s and 90s?

New car plant in Quebec, big incentives by the province then, the unions, the taxes once the "incentive" period was over. Moved to Ontario same situation, plus environmental challenges delayed everything, then the CAW decided to push in and well it wasn't a great success.

Now I am waiting for the NIMBY and the environmentalists to challenge especially if they find a single "endangered" bug, plant, earthworm, etc...

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There is no reason that Canada, a country of infinite land for housing and all the resources to build them easily at hand should have either a shortage of housing or high priced homes except for political interference in the free market by all levels of government.

With an economy with a consistently dropping GDP/capita over years and the prospect of being the worst performer for economic growth in the OECD for the next 30 years, politicians are trying to make people feel richer by limiting the supply of housing to drive up prices. Canadians have virtually all their wealth tied up in housing and if house prices ever stop going up there will be heck to pay at the ballot box.

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