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Honda first Japan automaker to be net exporter from U.S.


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a good example how free trade shoud work,hope othe J-automakers learn from Honda-san!

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At least some one is making good cars in the US , these could hardly be called american cars though ......................

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"At least some one is making good cars in the US " I hope you are kidding. Honda is TERRIBLE nowadays. I have owned 3 Hondas. I LOVE Honda. After 2009 they have not made a SINGLE car I would drive even it was free. The civic is a joke now. Overpriced and not nearly as good as all the other cars in its class. The only people buying Honda's in the USA are people who not good at shopping, don't do their research. Honda is riding a wave of "oh its a honda, it will last forever". People are catching on trust me. Just head over to Jalponik or any other car website. Car people KNOW Honda is not what they used to be. Head to any Honda forum, and they will all tell you, our hearts hurt for the good ol days when Honda USED to be a good company. It all went down hill when some been counter took over Honda and took them out of racing, and started trying to make the cheapest product in town, without improving anything. I had a 95 Accord I paid 5K for. 3 years later I put an ad in the paper. for 4.5k. Not one day passed before a man called me and offered 5k for it! That is how good Honda USED to be. Show me a Honda today that would INCREASE in value like the old 90's cars they used to make.

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Oh I see InakaRob what you really mean is that Honda is now cr@p and it went down hill when they moved production to the US.

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GM and Ford plan to export their cars to Japan has a competitor. While Detroit based people complain Detroit bankruptcy to inefficient politicians instead of forgetting UAW controlled automakers, (they even adviced Japan should learn from Detroit about politicians - forgetting Japan is not one of USA city), Honda established as if it is USA automakers. I doubt very much Toyota, Nissan, Matsuda, Mitsubishi (whatever) will have a plan to export to Japan as their sales have been up up up. A few years ago, a US politician said that he only drive American car, Honda. He also mentioned he only use /american TV such as Sony and Toshiba. So, this Hinda export to Japan hasn't raised American media eyeballs yet.

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This is a win-win situation. Since the parts mostly come from Japan both Americans and Japanese are getting jobs from this agreement.

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Yes this is a win-win situation and obviously Rob fron the inaka does not too much about economics!! If Honda was as bad as a Hyundai?? As Rob wants us to believe, then why was the Honda Accord the most sought after car to be stolen from the streets of the USA??

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There are a few Honda models sold in Japan that are imported: I believe the sedan versions of the Honda Fit (Fit Aria and maybe City) were done that way. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming sedan version of the newest Fit model will also be assembled outside Japan for sale in Japan.

Honda's exports from North America are big, especially the Civic models and the CR-V small SUV. I wouldn't be surprised that the new Fit hatchback will be assembled at more than just the Celaya, Mexico plant--Honda has plants in Ohio and Indiana that could be quickly converted to assemble the Fit should the demand be there.

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