Honda cuts production in Thailand by 40%


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Isn't the world already overflowing with unsold new cars? I wish Honda (and others) were busy churning out windmills and solar panels for every structure. Oh, and putting both on cars. That would be fun and useful!

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Patricia ー I'm with you all the way on that one.

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Hondas are very reliable cars.

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Actually, Honda boasts to be a unique company that doesn't only build automobiles, but robots, jets, and even solar systems. In Japan there's a pilot project going on with a whole town involved in building a sustainable solar power grid system that runs public and private transportation and a smart home's electricity. But for this project to become a full-fledged one I think they need more public demand plus advanced level of motorization. Most country haven't reached that point yet, not mentioning the U.S., in terms of the level of electric motorization.

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Sheesh. A lot of SE Asian countries are in an uproar, and Japan is starting to realize it can't rely on them as an alternative to China. Hope things settle down in Thailand and elsewhere and exchange and development can grow instead of takes steps backwards.

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First off. Honda is no where near what it was in the 80s and 90s. The last decent car they made stopped production in 2007. The s2000. Not just because it was a sports, it was an all around amazing car. I'm talking even the civics and accords of today are no where near the quality and value like the they were in the 80s and 90s. The prelude. The integra. Honda just makes run of the mill crap now, when other companies are offering more for less money. The civic and accord, their bread and butter used to be best in class, and now are near the bottom of their respective classes. The only sell as many cars as they do because they are still riding he coat tails of their former glory. Their name. Like sony, Sony was going down hill for a long time, but people bought sony for a while because it was a sony. I'm mean sony is the best right? Well people finally started to realize a samsung tv for half the price and actually did better than a sony. Or an hp laptop that was faster than a sony for half the price. Honda is down the same road. Car people already know this about honda, and have stopped buying them. Soon the general public will realize this too. Hopefully Honda will turn it around soon.

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Back to China (!)

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“But this decision is not rooted in the political uncertainty in the country,” she added. Yeah, right.

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"Back to China"

( production ) Back to Japan would be better, but I giess that's out of the question...

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It's back to Japan from now on.

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