Honda eyes launch of level-3 autonomous vehicle in mid-2020


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Hopefully this will put a stop to all of the drivers now engaged in level 3 activities such as reading, watching tv, texting, phoning - while driving non-autonomous vehicles.

In my city we need it yesterday.

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Japan is falling behind as usual.

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Japanese automakers are running 5 years behind its rivals in self-driving technology.

Level 3 autonomous car to be sold in S. Korea from July

Hyundai Motor Co., Kia Motors Corp., BMW and Mercedes-Benz are expected to launch an autonomous vehicle with the Level 3 technology in the first half of 2021, Lee said.

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Hey Samit mid 2020 is before 2021 so maybe Hyundai and Kia are the ones falling behind?

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Hey Samit mid 2020 is before 2021 so maybe Hyundai and Kia are the ones falling behind?

Everybody is ahead of Japanese in self-driving, even Chinese.

Chinese too are on a similar time schedule, but I didn't mention them because Chinese cars aren't sold outside of China hence are irrelevant.

German, American, and Korean automakers are on a similar time schedule and can commercialize Level 3 self-driving cars within 3Q2020 ~ 1Q2021 time period.

As mentioned by this article, Japanese automakers are years behind its foreign rivals in self-driving and electrification, and industry observers are commenting that what happened to Japan's electronics industry may repeat in Japan's auto industry.

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I'm Still waiting for 2020 Civic TYPE R I ordered.

Manual shift of course :)

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Samit Basu, referencing a Korean website. I mean, if it wasn't obvious already...

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