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Honda gives peek at 2013 Accord with concept coupe


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i love Honda.... my brother had an Accord with over 400 thousand miles on it when he donated to charity for a tax deduction.. his new Honda Civic has over 200 thousand... my Honda has 130 thousand miles and runs like new... if i can afford a Mercedes SL65 AMG one day, i will buy one...if not, i will continue to buy Hondas!...

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And why does it look like an Audi???

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My tiny brown hatchback 1978 Accord looked nothing like this!

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Cool looking car

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including a 2.4-liter engine promising 181 horsepower

Is this not a decrease from the current model? 135kW does not sound like much.

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Honda cars are always have a great demand in the automotive industry and this is always famous for the luxury cars for family. The prices of this cars are little high, but it's a competent, high-quality and reliable family car. http://newcars.indiandrives.com/picture_gallery.php?make=Honda&model=Honda_New_Accord

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Accord is more popular across the world but the lack of diesel engine and accessories like these http://www.vicky.in/shopping/door-visor-p8-old-accord make it little weaker against skodas and volkswagen

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