The self-driving Cruise Origin vehicle jointly developed by Honda Motor Co, General Motors Co and GM's autonomous driving car unit Cruise Photo: Honda Motor Co

Honda, GM driverless taxi JV to commence operation in 2026 in Tokyo


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makes sense, hopefully works smoothly on chaotic streets.

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Given the number of variables involved in moving through traffic and avoiding pedestrians, even in Japan, I have my doubts about these. Some Harajuku side streets are self-pedestrianising at busy times. Cars nudge their way though. These vehicles will be stuck in them for hours. And I still think fussing over autonomy has slowed the transition to EVs, at great cost in terms of emissions.

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What, no "Johnny Cab"?

These may have issues navigating some of the many narrow, busy streets with lots of emerging pedestrians.

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Let's face it this is all Honda. If it was GM would be off course and at the bottom of the Meguro River in 10 minutes.

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All the TECH involved and it still rides on wheels invented the Sumerian people in modern IRAQ, Congrats.

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Japan has been falling behind in introducing driverless taxis

Falling behind ? Why should this be the way to go.

Taxi drivers do not talk much here but I still like to sometimes have a chat with a driver, having this human contact rather than talking with a robot. At the end of the day, less employment and more jobless.

Japan also think to introduce share drive like Uber, I hope this will come in soon

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It's Beautiful, can't tell front from back, LOL

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Driverless taxi chaos in San Francisco erodes public trust in autonomous technology

Since 2022, Cruise a subsidiary of General Motors, has been incrementally rolling out driverless taxis in San Francisco.

In August, it received approval to operate in the city at all hours, including the more dangerous peak-traffic periods. 

Within two days, Cruise driverless taxis racked up three incidents: the one that failed to stop for the fire truck, another taxi that drove onto wet concrete at a construction site, and a third incident when 10 taxis lost connectivity due to a nearby music festival.

Well. Maybe the Honda one is better.

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Every Saturday early morning there is a literal giant army of dads loading their tents, beach chairs, picnic mats, and sandwiches/onigiris and escaping Tokyo before 9am bound to the beautiful landscapes in all directions outside of Tokyo, michi-no-eki are crowded before 10am. There isn't a single weekend I don't wish they just hurry up and develop safe fully autonomous vehicles so I could just relax with my family until we get to our destination just like that Audi rsq on I, Robot.

It will be one of our greatest mobility revolutions of all time, along with Google Maps in smartphones, there will be no reason not to go explore places even 4, 5h away from home, multiple weekends a month.

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Will they have lace doilies on the headrests? I won't get in a taxi without one.

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You notice all these things are propose in the future and never materialize

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@N. Knight

Let's face it this is all Honda. If it was GM would be off course and at the bottom of the Meguro River in 10 minutes.

GM's Cruise Self-driving is rated second only to Google's Waymo in terms of system reliability, way ahead of Tesla's Full Self Driving.

This shows how much you don't understand the outside world.

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It looks like someone removed the four propellers from a flying car.

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@Herve L'Eisa - I don't think the name "Johnny" will be popular to use within Japan at the moment, certainly not after a certain Talent agency Group's Controversy.

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