Honda mounts ad blitz to urge repair of Takata airbags


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Sasuga Japan: Day late = dollar short. So sad...when will Japan ever become a "proactive society" rather than a "reactive" one ???? I really feel bad for all the families, around the world, that have been affected by the lack of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills...... the "avoidance attitude" & poor judgement from this company. Sorry Japan......this time 'I'm Deeply Sorry' just doesn't CUT it !!!! Time to GO HOME..... "Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda".....he should be bowing SUPER low. BTW...who was their PR/communications advisor on this one any way? He needs fired as well.

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I got a letter from Honda with the request to to change the airbag.

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5 fatalities. 20 million vehicles. Like I said. Its more dangerous driving to change an Airbag than fixing it. What's going next??? Weak sunroofs???

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They seem to be, albeit quite late in the game, going pretty far out to address and fix the issue. Here's hoping they have stopped using Takada airbags completely when it comes to building new cars.

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In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Tuesday made public Wednesday, the Japanese airbag manufacturer said the failure was "approximately 0.000006 failures per air bag deployment, which is far below the failure rate in the vast majority of the thousands of recalls." Like I said. Witchhunt.

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kiyoshiMukai: "In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Tuesday made public Wednesday, the Japanese airbag manufacturer..."

Ah, so in a letter written by the manufacturers themselves, eh? There couldn't possibly be any bias or skewed statistics then at all, especially given that Takada has never lied about or falsified anything in the past, right? And, no, people are not more at risk of driving over to get the air bags changed than they are of an exploding airbag, because even then the risk is still with the airbag if something happens to them on the way to get it changed. If Takada bothered to hand in the information they have been requested by the US government there would be no question they are trying to move forward and have done little or nothing wrong, but they refuse to obey laws and have tried to blame everyone else.

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Lets think about lying. US congress lies. Tkata isn't lobbying in washington. People lie to get money. Just remember about sudden acceleration, nobody could mimic the failure on the accelerator. Yet I had a renault that accelerated tge same way. Its a whitch-hunt by US

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