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Honda says it could not absorb 10% tariff after Brexit


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The EU will impose the 10% tariff, all the while claiming that they didn't want it to come to this but Britain left them no choice due to some reason or another. The factories will eventually pack up and relocate to the EU. This is inevitable. A vote for Brexit was basically a vote for the Continental System.

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Britain left them no choice due to some reason or another. The factories will eventually pack up and relocate to the EU. This is inevitable. yep that seems the most likely outcome. Id say theyd be a few EU countries watering at the mouth for all those UK jobs they can fleece. What did the UK expect, dump all the dislikes of the EU while keeping the cream. LOL

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The whole of the UK is messed up at present, rampant Crime, Religious Terrorism, Broken Education System, and rapidly heading back to the Elitist Class system of the 18th/19th Centuries.

There is however, hope.... that all this Brexit shenanigans is actually a ploy, and Article 50 will be cancelled at the last moment

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mmwkdw - What dystopian bubble do you live in? Crime has been trending down for quite a while and is not "rampant" unless you read the hysterical tabloids. Religious terrorism is an international problem not just limited to the UK. Despite the claims of the tabloids and politicians with an agenda to sell, the education systemdoes function quite well and the vast majority of kids do quite well out of it (no system is perfect and if you cherry pick the problems you might make it seem to be broken). Elitist clas system? It has never been less so, the distribution of wealth in the UK is one of the least unequal in the developed world thanks to the welfare sytem and the generous benefits system that achieves a very effective measure of wealth distribution.

As to Brexit, nope, the democratic process will continue despite the squeals of deluded remoaners.

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@mmwdw, the 'last moment' of hope was the day before people voted. Now the process to officially get out (and all the nasty moves...) is likely to spread over 5 to 10 years. 5 yrs of instability ! It's longer than WW1. You know many businesses, investors or individuals that would wait so many years to know if they have a future on the islet ?

a few EU countries watering at the mouth

Even countries outside EU can hope shares of the cake.

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sad fact that brexit has caused a down turn sales in my shop. cost of stock has become more expensive and sale have gone down. sometimes putting my business at extreme risk.

and sadly with no degree or £35k to get an investment visa :( getting a job in japan would be very hard if not impossible !

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For an education system that is supposedly broken, people come from all over the world to study in the UK, including Japanese royalty.

This I think will continue after Brexit has been finalised, along with high car production and crime comtinuing to fall.

The UK is not the country to use mirror declining Japans problems.

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