Honda ties up with Malaysia's Proton


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Would love to see Honda powered Lotus cars!

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Good! Perhaps now we'll have better proton cars!

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The article did not mention the previous 20 year association between Mitsubishi and Proton.

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Proton will never be succesful until the Government gets out.

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Would love to see Honda powered Lotus cars!

may me but Japanese manufactures don't like deviating from their own brand names and promote a different brand name, unlike non Japanese. GM and VW etc consist of tens of differnt brands and seems to work well. Japan you must look outside the box!

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Do you know how many Brands Toyota has?

Have you ever heard of Lexus or ,SCION?

How about INFINITI and or Acura?

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@MADCOWS I wasn't talking about brand name of the car, just about the engine unit. Actual Lotus has (tweaked) Toyota motors since they droped the K-serie Rover motor in 2004. I don't want Lotus cars to be branded Honda. I just thought it would make access possible to use Honda engines which are good IMO. It could also revive some old F1 collaboration memories...

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