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Honda to build major EV plant in Canada


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Win-win for Canada, and for Honda. I love the look of the compact Honda EV in the photo - hoping this goes into production!

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factories in Japan are disappearing....

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Why aren't they investing in the future for the people of their own country?

So many would benefit from having factories here.

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Canada's strategy follows that of the neighboring United States, whose Inflation Reduction Act has provided a host of incentives for green industry.

Canada has an inflation reduction strategy? Canada's oppressive inflation stems from ever inicreasing carbon taxes.

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Looks like Aso's next stop after Canada is New York?

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The names of the companies area Japanese but they are now multi-nationals that act not in one iota out of national interest but self interest.

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Because Japan is having a hard time finding enough worker's as it is now.

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Honda, immorally, skirted Canadian lobby laws by lobbying the Canadian finance minister, Freeland, at Davos.

They even posted images of them lobbying her in Davos, outside the reach of Canadian lobby laws on X.

Very Sketchy.

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How are those EVs going to fare in Canada's chilly winters?

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@Bad Haircut Not so well. Battery charge drops to 40%. They are like motorcycles, something people park in their garage for the winter.

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That's a very cool looking coupe in the photo.

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Giving more money to a giant corporation is the very last thing Canada needs.

The Canadian economy is really struggling. It is projected to be last for growth in the entire OECD for the next 30 years. The GDP per capita has been shrinking since 2018, productive is anemic and billions and billions of foreign investment and domestic money are fleeing the country. The only way Canada can get any foreign investment is to "bribe" companies like Honda by taking on more national debt.

The rare minerals mentioned in the story will never be mined in Canada; virtually nothing gets built and if it does it is years late and becomes so over budget that it is uneconomical.

The current government spent $66 million on an $80,000 app. The members of the current government know that they are going down to defeat so are busy developing personal exit stratagems that will land current ministers on well paid cushy corporate boards, spending on ridiculous pet projects and ramming through things designed to handcuff the next government.

It is a shame that a great company like Honda is "taking advantage" of a weak feckless government, not far from how large corporations have greased the palms of third world countries for decades.

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Honda revives the old 1968 AMX.


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