Honda to build new factory in Mexico


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dont think we are going to ever hear much about any new car related plants in Japan anymore unless the yen somehow tanks relative other major currencies.

Japanese workers are likely having fits just reading this

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Another example of the hollowing out of japanese industry, 40,000 less hondas produced in Japan and the workers will be with out jobs, makes for grim reading and further slowing of the japanese economy.

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No ! Japanese products I can appreciate, but Mexico...forget it !

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I just hope the other North American plants aren't swallowed up by this beta-test factory. Once they teach the Mexicans and quality is good, we might see some closures ... just an opinion based on experience.

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BAD IDEA !!!... Camaros and Mustangs and Dodge Challengers are built in Mexico... and they are JUNK !!!!

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Export jobs, gut the middle class, ruin the economy... Japan taking lessons from the U.S.?

On the other hand, the current exchange rate means it would be lunacy to build cars in Japan for export to the U.S.

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I am willing to pay premium for Japanese products made in Japan.

I have just purchased a Panasonic cordless phone but it was made in China.

It is already not working properly. This is a bad idea!!

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Mexican labor? I will sel my CRV and buy a Korean wagon. My grandson works for Honda and I will tell him that this move is stupid

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Not a fan, Japanese cars, and products, are best made in Japan. My gf's Nissan Versa is made in Mexico, a complete piece of garbage.

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Mexican product is even more inferior than the worst of Chinese made goods. I have a Honda but won't be buying another.

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