Honda to fully remodel Freed compact minivan

By Takashi Takada

Honda will release a new model of its Freed compact minivan in the fall of 2016.

The current model of the Freed was released in May 2008, and this will be the first time in eight years that the vehicle has been fully remodeled, Honda said.

The current model is available as (1) a car equipped with the 1.5L "i-Vtec" engine and (2) a mild hybrid vehicle using the "IMA (integrated motor assist)" system, which assists the i-Vtec engine with a motor. The fuel efficiency of the mild hybrid vehicle is 21.6km/L (approx 50.8mpg in the U.S.) under the JC08 test mode.

For the new model, Honda said it plans to renovate the hybrid system. Specifically, the company will employ the one-motor "i-DCD" full hybrid system, which is currently used for the Fit and Vezel.

Honda said it will improve fuel efficiency by renovating the hybrid system with the aim of competing with Toyota Motor Corp's Sienta compact minivan and so forth. The hybrid model of the Sienta has a fuel efficiency of 27.2km/L under the JC08 test mode.

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I like the Freed as it is now, hope they don't change the exterior too much. And the Sienta is really ugly.

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I want a boat, I'll buy a boat. Otherwise, these chopped commuter capsules will have to stay in suburbia along with garages filled with six months of toilet paper and the wheelbarrell they'll be using to cart my soul back from the spaying clinic.

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It's not really a minivan, it's more of a supermini, like my Jazz.

I like it... pity it'll never reach the UK.

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