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Honda to hold popularity contest for 208 models of last 50 years


Honda is celebrating the history of its cars over the last 50 years by asking people to vote on their favorite model out of the 208 that have come out over this period of time.

Voting can be done from the “Kuruma Zukan" (car picture reference book) after checking the cars’ specs and photos. Those voting for their favorite model will be able to get a rare original wallpaper of that car.

Honda is accepting votes by 11:59 p.m. on July 31.

The picture album is here. It is in Japanese only, but you will be able to look at the pictures, organized by decade and year.

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I just voted for the NSX. Great car. There a video about of Senna taking one for a blast around Suzuka. Would have been awesome to be the passenger that day.

Have only ever owned one Honda, their bad rep for smokey engines in the 70's and early 80's has lingered in my mind.

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I've owned an '87 Civic Si hatch, a '92 Civi Si hatch, a '97 CR-V and an '02 RSX Type S. Still driving the RSX. I love my Hondas.

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Actually, the 2005 to present Acura RL AWD with 290-horsepower V6 with advanced all-wheel-drive system is a very nice car. The Acura RL gets better the harder you drive it in a twisted mountain roads. Also, early version of Honda Civic Si is a nice handling high rpm performer for budget of a price.

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Honda Prelude is best looking car in Honda model line up but unfortunately it was front wheel drive sport car. Honda should make Prelude rear wheel drive car.

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BurakuminDes: Has to be the NSX. Better in many respects than the Ferraris of it's times. Honda will never make a better car.

Amen to that! I wanted one so bad I could taste it. The priceeventually came down on used ones but I still couldn't afford new tires every 10K miles, at least not those tires.

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Has to be the NSX. Better in many respects than the Ferraris of it's times. Honda will never make a better car.

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Good cars. Back in the days when I was on the road in the UK and driving 50,000 or more miles per year I had 3 Hondas, a 2.0S Accord saloon, an Accord coupe (made in USA) and an 1988 Prelude with mechanical 4 wheel steering which worked incredibly well. Apart from tyres, regular servicing and the occasional windscreen the only problem I had in 300,000 miles was water leaking into the Prelude's rear light clusters and that was fixed under warranty.

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My first car in Japan was a Honda Beat. I drove that thing damn near into the ground and like a Timex watch it took a licking and kept on ticking . . . until I got married and sold it :( I miss that car.

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My first new car (bought it for $2,800) was a 1974 Honda Civic and never regretted it. That was one great car.


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Gotta love the S800 and predecessors. Simply cool.

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Awesome. LOVE HONDA pre 2009 when they made their last decent car. The s2000. There are so many other classics before that though. The integra, NSX, BEAT, S800, the older civics, accords, the prelude, etc, etc, etc. My favorite car company by far. They are getting back in F1 next year with an engine ready for 2014. This is good news because it means they may start making sports cars again. Everything from the Beat, to the prelude, and NSX all used technology from Hondas previous F1 attempts.

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