Honda to invest more than $370 mil in Canada plant


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It will indeed be interesting to see whether D Trump comments on this investment in neighbouring Canada.

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Is Trump going to stamp down on building/expanding factories in Canada as he has on companies doing the same in Mexico?

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The Republican billionaire, who has vowed to renegotiate NAFTA, is “a potential risk” for the Canadian automotive industry,

He's a 'potential risk' for all life forms.

Will Trump try to take credit for this too? It wouldn't surprise me to see him and his team of spin doctors find a way to show how this move - his move - is creating millions of jobs for Americans. They won't explain how knowing Trump true believing followers will believe anything he and his media retainers say.

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Honda is miscalculating very badly.

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Honda is miscalculating very badly.

How so, by daring to invest money somewhere other than the USA?

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Honda is miscalculating very badly.

Why? Trump isn't the Master of the World you know... he's just some loon that Americans have inexplicably elected to be their president. He can't control which cars are built where.

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If DT want investment from other countries, like Japan, a better way would be to give a good reason, a heavy subsidy, help to relocate, new training for new employees, tax breaks, reciprocating trade deals with other countries. bulling someone by enforcing heavy taxes if they don't comply is probably not the best way forward!!

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Honda is miscalculating very badly.

they aren't shifting jobs from the US out. They are merely expanding existing operations in Canada. Did you read the article or just the headline?

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Honda is miscalculating very badly.

In case you don't know Honda has been in Alliston for many many years, this isn't a brand new investment if you will

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Until they realize the cost of electricity in Ontario. Thanks to the current regime's incompetent (Liberal) on managing everything under the sun. There are people struggling on either pay their electric bills or put food on the table. There is a very good reason why Amazon choose Quebec rather than Ontario to set up their Data Center. Unfortunately, people has stockholm syndrome (or just a masch***), so they just ignore their corruptions and kept voting for them. Too bad, those people also took the rest of the folks who are sane with them.

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Build a wall at the US-Canadian border!

Canada: Eh Okay!

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Japanese corporations are not investing cheap labor instead of South America, they prefer Canada and north USA. r

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