Honda to launch new CRF250L on/off-road model


Honda Motor Co said Friday that it will start sales in Japan on May 14 of a new 250-cc on/off-road model, the CRF250L, which offers an agile ride in a wide range of riding environments from urban to off road riding.

Under the slogan, "'New On & Off Gear, your right buddy on the road' to make 'On' (daily life) more convenient and 'Off' (weekends) more enjoyable," the development team, by pursuing total balance and driving stability to the utmost, created a vehicle that enables a broad spectrum of users from beginners to experienced riders to enjoy the sheer fun of handling the machine.

The CRF250L is powered by a liquid-cooled 250-cc 4-stroke DOHC single-cylinder engine with powerful output in the low-to-mid rpm range. Low-friction technologies including an offset cylinder are also employed to realize the excellent fuel efficiency of 44.3 km/L (measured at a constant speed of 60 km/h on a level road).

A newly-designed frame makes use of the steel twin-tube structure to offer the rider a nimble ride while ensuring both agility and stability. In addition, an agile, high-performance run-through ability in a wide range of situations from urban riding to off road is realized through the adoption of an inverted suspension with a 250-mm cushion stroke for the front and the Pro-Link suspension with 240 mm of axle travel for the rear.

Styling has been refined to be sharper and more aggressive while inheriting the basic concept of Honda's CRF motocrosser series, resulting in a design that asserts a Honda identity fitting for a new-era CRF. Customers are offered a choice of two color schemes: Extreme Red to present an aggressive image or Ross White for those who wish to impart a cool image.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price is 449,400 yen.

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Beauty of a bike! Love to ride out on a desert, etc..but not here in Tokyo!

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Any announcements to bring this little one to the states? Maybe a 450 version as well!

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There must be a dearth of business news. I love riding but come on, a 250 dual sport is released and it makes headline news.

BTW, for bike lovers you're better off with a 20 year old machine as this thing will have tons of gimmicky emissions reduction technology that will cause endless headaches 5 years down the road.

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