Honda UK plant shuts down Friday for 4 months


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at least they have a 6o% salary on the months that the company takes a break. Japanese companies still takes care of his employees, some companies doesnt think about the welfare of it s people.Japanese compsnies still are uncomparable when it comes to taking care of its people. I hope other companies will follow suit to share their savings and wealth to the people who gave them those luxuries...their employees!!they always think about themselves ,their private jets !!! DEATH is a destination no one can escape from..rgardless how much money u have we all go that same thing..share your blessings... ONEGAISHIMASU!! PLEASE!! POR FAVOR !! PUEDE BA??

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Typical Japanese company. We offer them the hand of friendship and our highly skilled worker , then look what they does!!!

They have to pay back all that money with working 250 hours for free, i saw it on the BBC, so their should be no "Oh lovely Japanese company, so kind etc" Honda is doing it purely for financial reasons. IN Britain they couldn't just sack them like in Japan, we have more civilised rules. Strewth, they would have to pay redundancey money costing millions and millions of Pounds an dHonda bleeding know it.

This is why they is laid off for 4 months, but, and mark my words, must work for free until all the money is repayed which this article does not mention does it!

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I think Honda is a good company, and they recognise that the British workers are good workers. I also think that under the circumstances, this is a good move. Two months leave with full pay? Sounds good to me. Maybe after a couple of months Obama will work his miracles and things will start to pick up again . . .

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realist: Strewth, i already said they have to work the money back. This stoty is riddled with errors. The fact that the workers have to work for free 4 months later is not added, amking Honda look like a great charitable company , which is far from the truth of the matter!!!!!

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AlfGarnett Great posts, completely agree. Its all about the bottom line. But one upside is that these workers get 4 months of paid time to look for other jobs, which is exactly what they should be doing. Globally the automotive industry is in meltdown and the writing has been on the wall for all of this decade, and i wouldn`t be relying on Honda, GM, Saab, Skoda, et al for lifetime employment.

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Thank god! Honda does not force its UK employee to buy a Honda car.

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A company is not a charity association. If they follow the law, it's fair enough. Because in most of the time, the companies try to avoid to pay if the employees don't work.

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Not enough honda sales,so cash supply is low. Where they gonna get money to pay for honda cars and honda people, if car don't sell in economic slowdown via subprime realty woes and related woes.

Honda and other multinational companies need to explain to staff.

Year 2009,gonna be more free time for all but less income. Price of houses have dropped in USA,so likely prices will come down with lower global cash flow woes.

People need to adapt and the well off have to spend to create jobs.

People at mutinational corporations will have fight this through,use their brains,patience,hopes and positive skills. Once this slowdown is overcome,there is real solid dynamic best business world ,waiting to happen for next 10 decades for all dynamic companies.

Work and sales brings money. No sales,then work is not necessary as no one is buying. This is way of global trade,nothing is constant,there is always change and adaptations to new challenges in global trade.

Reality is for itself. We get no where blaming reality. Better to learn from reality itself, and develop our inner strengths in the face of reality the correct way.

There is always rainbows after whatever economic reality storms. The world and nature still produces as much food as we need always, there is no defect to nature. The defect is man made,so men will work on correcting the economic defects, in the global systems until it is done.

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