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Honda's business jet makes public debut in Japan


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Reads like Hondajet copywriting rather than an AP report.

Good luck to Hondajet though.

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Honda Jet is Go!

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I want to make a comment. Its the best ever 6 seats jet. God knows I have a 21years old honda bike that has never needed a repair part but 6 batteries. Honda is excellence.

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a proud day for a Honda fan!, Soichiro would have been very proud!

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It looks low tech and ugly.

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General Electric engines made in Evendale, Ohio! mmmm like a Harley Davidson with a Honda engine. Its a halfu kid!

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looks great can t wait to fly in one

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Honda is pretty awesome. My mom owns a 2003 Honda Civic and it still runs just fine without any major repairs.

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It looks low tech and ugly

Yes, we know, "westerner." korean products are so much better in quality and design, right?

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HF 120 engines are a joint production between GE and Honda. This plane is the fastest within it's class and 10% more fuel efficient and has a low price tag compared to again other planes within it's respective class.

Basically it follows the Honda tradition providing a high quality product at a low price.

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