Hong Kong dismisses business pushback over 'zero-COVID' strategy


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International companies [strike]choose[/strike] chose Hong Kong for its regional access, low taxes, legal system and financial services.

Lam is an enemy of Hong Kong. Rule of law is gone. 2 systems, 1 country ended 4+ yrs ago. People who don't trust their govt, don't get vaccinated.

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Hong Kong is betting on the wrong horse. This Lam Lady needs to go. Winter 2022?

Hong Kong is doomed.

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Hong Kong visibly shrinking as it becomes more and more another province of China.

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Covid is the ultimate political weapon for nationalists to end globalisation.

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HK is already dead, sucked into China, in my eyes. I have no intention of ever going there again.

Well done Singapore on the inoculation program. They have a good efficient health system there to begin with, so I am not surprised I guess.

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Lam, as usual, is echoing the voice of her Beijing puppeteer.

She has become totally irrielevant, nobody is listening to what she is saying anymore in HK.

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I wonder if we'll ever read a headline to the effect "Business Dismisses Hong Kong and Departs"

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