Horie cooking up dozens of ventures


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Horie, now about 30 kilograms lighter after 21 months in prison, told reporters that the Japanese government should stop getting in the way of entrepreneurs.


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Horie said Hashimoto is an advocate of smaller government and he supports

Japanese logic at its best. Hashimoto is anything but an advocate of small government, from his rulings on worker's with tatoos, to public officials having to stand for the Kimigayo and thinking that Japan needs a dictator.

Horie is as a fat conman, who got caught with his hands in the till and a lot of ordinary people lost their hard earned savings.

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Horie also had praise for Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who recently attracted a storm of criticism for defending Japan’s “comfort women” system in which women from South Korea, Japan and other Asian nations were forced to work as sex slaves for the Japanese military before and during World War II.

The way this is written makes it sound like Horie is in agreement with Hashimoto's point of view and agrees with him about the comfort women issue. If he is I would like to see proof that he made a statement about it and not just infer it in the article. The way it is written if NOT true is slanderous.

Horie said Hashimoto is an advocate of smaller government and he supports Hashimoto’s prime ministerial ambitions, which have now dimmed because of the comfort women commen

Now then if this is what Horie agrees with, ONLY about smaller government, then I agree as well. The government here is far too bloated and needs to be cut down in size. No problem with this.

Maybe Horie is viewing a run at politics with Hashimoto?

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Horie also had praise for Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto

That alone is too scarey for me.

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Just what Japan doesn't need..another loud-mouthed, egotistical fraudster being given a platform to enjoy the sound of his own voice. Go away, Horiemon..again.

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Not a fan of either.

• Torie seems to think he is the summation of the smarter people who worked for him.

• Hashimoto needs to have a bodyguard-free tour of China and the Koreas.

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It's nice to know Abe and Horie are on the same page about deregulation ~ one's an unrepentant con man and the other went to jail.

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"The best thing the government can do is to not get in the way" said Horie.

Maybe the best thing the government can do is to exile both Horie & Hashimoto on the Senkaku islands ;-)

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@Wakarimasen....You know I would be tempted to follow along with "Hori-nomics" a heck of a lot easier than Abe-nomics, if only because Horie has actually "been there-done that" in the business world and not just legislated it.

He may have been to jail for breaking the law, but that doesn't mean he doesnt deserve a 2nd chance.

Let him switch places with Abe once and see what he could do.

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Wow! He'll be prime minister in 10 years!

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Horie said Hashimoto is an advocate of smaller government and he supports Hashimoto’s prime ministerial ambitions...

Birds of feather flock together.

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I agree. He has been there done that (not always in line with the law but hey). Abenomics is absolutely a scam designed to make the rich richer and which will end in tears. Not sure Horie is a good choice for leader though. He has soem pretty right wing and xenophobic views by all accounts. Although on second thoughts he might be ideal.

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There are a lot of nonsensical laws hurting businesses here.

However, one thing that needs to go is the sales tax. Making every point of sale in the country keep records and file tax on every transaction is a ridiculous overhead that probably costs each company in the country weeks or months of labor time.

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Watch him crank Japan up !

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All I see is the Japanese nail sticking up too high so the government hammers it down...goodness a lot of the computer savy young Japanese had their hopes dashed in trying to make a buck in a "free society"...

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As long as he plays with HIS MONEY this time....I wish him all the best.

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From my experiences, the average Japanese tends to shun the idea of working for themselves.

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