How a Trump tariff could sideswipe U.S. auto industry


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Pretty soon Americans will have to ask themselves "is it worth it to buy American when it's so expensive??" Trump's plan sounds good in theory but put in practice(affecting consumers wallet) is yet to be seen.

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How can anyone trust anything Trump says or does, when his actions are based on what his team calls "alternative facts"? That is not a term I invented in order to make fun of the self-described Alternative Right, it is what they themselves call the stuff they believe. The Trump Republicans cannot be trusted to behave rationally, in this or any other situation, since the first requirement in logic is an acceptance of facts, and a rejection of falsehoods.

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To say this 'policy' is not thought through implies that there is a capacity for thought. That's all we need to know on the subject.

Clue: where does the steel come from for Mexican-built cars? The engines? The literally thousands of parts? Uncertainty about whether a certain country will honour binding treaties and agreements is extremely bad for business. Is the Dumpster trying to create a new India? A new Iran?

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I'm seriously going to grab popcorn and sit and watch the US go down in flames because of this moron. He wants plants to stay in the US, fine. Does he not understand that the average American will not be able to afford the prices that comes with? No? Right, so no one buys the cars, the plants goes, people are out of work, then what? Oh right, he'll get the mines up and running... I feel very bad for the intelligent Americans who are sitting and watching in horror at what tis Cheeto is doing to their country.

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US automakers should swallow the cost. In fact, guzzle it down. I've worked for suppliers to the industry, and markups are absolutely obscene. No sympathy from me.

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As if thats not enough , most of the parts come from outside sources & i assume these parts companies will pass the cost on to American consumers!

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@ClippetyClop Yah, that seems a bit excessive...

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There will not be much of a big boom in hiring car manufacturing business since newly built factories are automated without need of humans. I believe the workforce had shrunk to 1/4 compared to factories in the 80's.

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One major problem with America is that it isn't a truly free single market. If an automaker decides to cut costs by opening its own dealerships and selling directly to customers (like in Japan or Europe), they'll find that this is completely illegal in most US states. Wealthy car dealers have been contributing to politicians in exchange for passing laws like this in the name of consumer protection for decades. So I don't think you can blame the automakers for moving overseas to cut cost when cutting costs in other ways has been outlawed.

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Trump has cars collection. Most of them were overseas made. Rolls Royce comes from U.K.and BMW comes from Germany. It is impossible to make the cars with 100 per cent parts of USA.

Cars Made in USA are unattractive to consumers. Most of them are craps. Germany, Italy and U.K.make high end cars for wealthy consumers. South Korea and China make low end and affordable cars for budget conscious consumers. Japan makes the cars for middle class consumers.

Trump by himself is not using made in USA cars. Detroit has become ghost town not because of oversea competition. It was because of unionized, overpaid and unproductive workers

Without decent profit, industry will not survive. If there is no industry, no jobs for workers.

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Is it just a coincidence that German-brand SUVs built in US (to avoid the "chicken tax") are crap quality?

The Shape of Things to Come?

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in the U.S., where a unionized auto worker can make $58 an hour in wages and benefits.>

Crikey! That's a wage of over $100,000 per annum

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Nonsense. The US already has a 25% tariff on light trucks, the "chicken tax," for the past half century, and it's been a boon to the US auto industry. Thanks to that tarriff, the truck market segment is dominated by US makers, and its a profit .center for Detroit, creating lots of local jobs as well.

Greedy corporations will always want their cake and eat it, too..

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