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How Elon Musk's $44.9 bil Tesla pay package compares with the most generous plans for other U.S. CEOs


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Even though the median U.S. CEO pay package last year was nearly 200 times more than a worker in the middle of their company pay scales, Elon Musk's record-setting Tesla compensation dwarfs them by comparison.

Japan CEO pay used to differ from workers by much lower orders of magnitude during the time of broad based prosperity but thanks to Abenomics and New Capitalism the gap is approaching American levels.


Quite different from stagnant wages everywhere else yeah?

And Musk is not an inventor, engineer, Tony Stark; he is a VC with some big ideas.

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Happy to read one news in a week about Musk... That is after he bought Twitter. Mostly negative... Thank you.. As democrat .. opposite of right, the liberal and lefxxxt... I feel fully satisfied .... The twitter was our weapon ... but that is no more in our hands..

So write more and more negative articles about Musk. Like Trump related news... at least one in two days.

Waiting ...

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But the company said Musk deserves the pay because he turned Tesla into the top-selling electric vehicle maker in the world, increasing its market value by billions.

But the company's board is not impartial, in its communication to shareholders about the vote, the board was 100% biased, it didn't mention dilution of existing shares once, not a single time. IMHO immoral, and lacking duty as a board.

Not the least, on the heel of firing 10% of staff, many of whom were so crucial they hadcto be rehired. Sigh....good engineer does not excuse a bad human being.

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Of course, Tesla investors could decide to take their money elsewhere. Which they might be advised to do anyway, especially in light of massive Chinese EV production and several new and interesting EVs like Aptera coming up on the horizon.

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Elon has been distracted with playing with so many balls especially Twitter which is going downhill and no longer deserves the hefty paycheck.

I voted NO and the voting was very biased in the Elon elected board using languages to steer people to YES.

The Judge may again strike it down.

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Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! On every level.

The rich get richer and the rest get poorer, get hungry, get cold, cant afford medicine and for far too many, live without hope for a better future.

There must be limits on how much wealth an individual can earn and control. What peson needs more than one Billion dollars? This is why so many starve around the world.

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Elon hit his targets.

People laughed at those targets when initially announced.

He wipe the smiles off their faces, and now they who he and moan like babies about it.

Interesting isn’t it.

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Wow he got it.

So many people will seethe with hatred and envy unless the judge strike it a second time

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Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! On every level.

That's how the capitalist, 'free' word works. Another thing to brag about.

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Extremely toxic...

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He needs to pay off the CCP creditors for his purchase of Twitter.

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