How much for gas? Around the world, pain is felt at the pump


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I payed about 5 dollars a gallon for some Plus,not a cheap gas

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The average price of gasoline around the world is 5.50 U.S. Dollar per us gallon.

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pay for your "western values" dearly.this is top of iceberg.

next in line gas,than minerals than food...all because of some kind of "smart leadership" in some countries...lets hope JPN will not end completely under US influence...

btw do you know about prices of fuel in China,Russia or say India?

no drama but yes...they are "bad guys"...right?

or they are just dont need to be "mentioned" as does not fit in your narrative - right?

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Not as much as the Russians are going to pay for their "values".

Sure, we pay up front and it hurts.

Sure, Vald has so far managed to prop-up his gasoline stand pretending to be a country's economy.

That won't last. Russia's economy cut off from SWIFT (mostly), financing, and markets will contract drastically. Maybe not as fast as we had hoped but it is a plane without engines running out of altitude.

The sanctions will talk hold given time. And not for nothing, our values, you know - Democracy, freedom of speech, the right to live within our borders without the threat of invasion on a BS excuse, that kind of thing - are superior.

Vlad thinks the West is weak because we like choice and are relatively slow to action. Several dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Kim, Mao, Saddam, etc, etc, etc) have made the same mistaken judgment.

Let's show him how wrong he is.

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Values don't put food on the table or drive us to work. This is a NATO-Russia proxy war because one side expanded right to the others border, refusing to negotiate, and the other side was not bluffing.

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Gas watch in the U.S. continues.

Overnight gasoline futures extended losses toward $3.7 per gallon, the lowest in nearly a month. Gas futures are currently trading around 3.7178, down 2.12%. Uncertainty is the name of the game today, as the U.S. president is widely expected to announce a temporary suspension of the 18.4 cents per gallon federal tax on gasoline shortly. Headwind over news that gasoline stocks in the US likely fell 0.6 million barrels last week, the 12th straight week of falls, just at the start of the (normally busy) summer travel season. The wide fear is that rising gas prices combined with rising prices in all sectors will make all forms of travel more expensive, resulting in consumers delaying and cancelling vacation and travel plans. Thus adversly affecting the spending portion of the economy through 3Q 2022. Analysts predict that this spending, when adjusted for inflation, will not fully recover to pre-pandemic levels until 2023.

Have a good day.

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What is really upsetting is that, in many countries including Japan, a significant % of gasoline and other fuels prices are taxes. At least give the citizens a break on that! That’s 100% controllable and would go a long way to help.

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Much about the global gas shortage is a pack of lies!

We are being played!

Take the example below. It might be relevant in Japan or Korea but Vietnam has 4.4 billion barrels of oil in their reserves!There is no shortage there so why are prices rising-manipulation?

Nguyen Trong Tuyen, a motorcycle taxi driver working for the Grab online ride-hailing service in Hanoi, Vietnam, said he’s been simply switching off the app during rush hour.

“If I get stuck in a traffic jam, the ride fee won’t cover the gasoline cost for the trip,” he said.


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The other part is the speculation and profiteering by the oil companies.

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The cheapest gasoline in Canada is now C$1.91/l while in Tokyo it is only C$1.65/l.

Canada's feckless leader has remorselessly piled on tax after tax on gasoline only to learn that demand is inelastic and people are slashing spending on other good and services to pay for gasoline.

The high price of gasoline in Canada is likely to force a lot of restaurants and barbers to go bankrupt.

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Governments want to reduce emissions, which is never going to be fun. They have locked us in our homes, banned and restricted holidays, and now they have hugely increased the price of fuel (which increases the price of everything else).

All this does restrict emissions, but nothing loses you votes like inflation. Pointing at Ukraine and pretending to be at war by proxy won't cut it. Inflation is the ultimate vote loser. You can keep it low quite easily, but once you hike it up, it will spiral. Strikes and shortages follow, and then the economy buckles. A pro-inflation policy, whatever the reason, is political suicide.

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Here is a list of gas taxes by nation. For the US the Federal gas tax is $0.184 per gallon. A gas tax holiday in the US would do very little to reduce the price of gas at the pump and even if such a holiday were passed by Congress there is no way for Congress to force oil refiners and gas stations to reduce their prices by the amount of the gas tax reduction. Those independent actors may very well decide to keep their prices the same and pocket the savings themselves.

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Hope it doubles in price. Sick of the disgustingly huge monster cars people drive these days.

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Petrol is A$2.15/L (JP ¥202/l, US$1.48/l) here at my local in Australia for the cheapest 91-octane. And this is with 20 cents/L excise tax temporarily suspended by the government!

Good incentive to drive less if you are able to do so.

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