Hundreds of Amazon employees criticize firm's climate stance


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If they broke company policy, then whatever that policy says is the result should happen.

They still have their freedom to speak, but there is no freedom from repercussions or freedom to expect your boss to be happy about it.

Voices didn't need to be silent, just anonymous.

Having a plan would be smart for these people too. Humans are smart and can predict the future.

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I'll be shot for this but climate change is not the 'main culprit of climate change.' I'll concede it doesn't help but natural sun cycles play a greater role in this problem. It's all heavily political.

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So, Amazon employees want Amazon to stop being Amazon. That'll go smoothly... I'm sure they wouldn't mind losing their jobs over it too, otherwise they are just preening pseudo-moralistic hypocrites.

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And it has built its success on the back of a huge road transport logistics network to ensure speedy deliveries, which generates a lot of greenhouse gases, the main culprit of climate change.

Most really like Amazon and applaud their quickness and convenience. Although they can work on reducing their carbon footprint over time; we can't instantaneously have our cake and eat it too.

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Maybe they should whine about the tons of coal that is being burnt in places like china, Mongolia and other countries, esp during winter.

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Never complain about a problem that isn't breaking any laws, unless you bring a solution. Don't they teach that to rainbow millennials?

I understand they want to change the world, but the people making the decisions at most companies are boomers and Gen-X still. Business environments are so much better today than they were 20-40 yrs ago, thanks to those generations. Sure, there's more to be done. Every generation has their cause.

Whining doesn't solve any issues. As an amazon customer, I'd be just as happy if they only delivered to my neighborhood 2x a week. I'm always surprised when either same-day or next day deliveries are scheduled for stuff I don't really want until 5 days later, at ZERO cost. Including Sunday deliveries that I didn't want/need. The logistics handling to make it happen is really very impressive, but wasteful.

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I'll be shot for this but climate change is not the 'main culprit of climate change.'

Climate change is not the main culprit of climate change?

Good luck with that argument.

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These employees could live by their convictions and quit working for a company built on air and ground transportation. But then they would have to sacrifice for achieving the world they want others to live in - and that would not do.

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