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Hunt for foreign assets pits Japan Inc vs China

By Denny Thomas and Thomas Wilson

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Well, the Chinese still have a domestic econ that is pretty massive, even if it is slowing. Japan's is shrinking, if I ran a Japanese company, I would spend a considerable amount of of free cash flow on M&A outside of Japan. I don't care if I was a small bank or grocery chain. I would buy, or buy equity stakes in other companies. This is survival for many Japanese companies, while for China it is a luxury

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Although China does in fact face the same demographic changes that are happening in Japan now - it's just a decade or so behind. They didn't scrap the one child policy out of concern for human rights! (And scrapping it isn't going to save them from a shrinking population). So Chinese companies would be absolutely right to start doing this now, as it will in due course be necessary for them too.

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Chinese buyers are normally state-linked, and their aims often involve Beijing’s industrial policy objectives, so profitability is not always the top priority

State companies can always write the cheques off the taxpayers, of course

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Japanese companies hoarding $3 trillion in cash but can't give a decent raise to it's employees?? Shame on them.

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As for size who is up?

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and the sellers are laughing all the way to the bank

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