Hydrogen carrier built by Japanese company arrives in Australia


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Less emissions for Japan more for Australia

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Gotta start somewhere, and this is close to a win-win project. Presumably Australia will also in the meantime make moves to generate and feed in green hydrogen, though the article does not touch on that..

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Big boo Japan= green washing.

Bigger Booooo for Australia =burning coal to make hydrogen = More CO2.

Would be better to invest in building an infrastructure to make green hydrogen, instead of blue hydrogen.

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Big boo Japan= green washing.

Bigger Booooo for Australia =burning coal to make hydrogen = More CO2.

Not ideal but better than nothing. At least they use CCS so that there will be no CO2 in atmosphere. We are in need of energy but Green energy cannot fill our need - not yet.

Healthy food is good. But junk food is still better than no food, without which we die.

It's a win-win for both countries. Japan get more energy. Australia can make money out of nothing (Brown coal has no market value as coal).

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Making hydrogen out of coal? Really?

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Bigger Booooo for Australia =burning coal to make hydrogen = More CO2.

Overall process from making to use of hydrogen results in considerable net CO2 reduction.

Process itself of making hydrogen from brown coal uses carbon capture to minimize emissions

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Not really emphasized here but well covered in the maritime press is that this effort is aimed more at determining how best to transport hydrogen by sea. Cooling hydrogen to a liquid is extremely difficult to do but if hydrogen can be transported in a liquid form ships will be able to transport much larger amounts of hydrogen than is possible if it is transported in gaseous form. LNG carriers are ubiquitous but LNG doesn't have to be cooled to the low temps necessary for liquified hydrogen and that requires energy and special refrigeration machinery. This ship will help sort out the technical aspects and help the bean counters determine if it is more economical overall to ship hydrogen in liquid or gaseous form. That is the real value of this effort.

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