Hyundai launches luxury car brand


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god , what a crap logo!

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Crap band, too. I never liked them and hardly think they are worthy of this tribute Hyundai is paying them.

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Hyundai will be Hyundai regardless of whatever it get new name.

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The logo suggests a Mini with a Mazda grill.

Could Hyundai not afford an image consultancy?

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Its funny that he Koreans now fall Inside the same romantic renaissance crap as the japanese still tend to do . . . designing things with a french renaissance 190 century touch . . . . when no european identifies him self with such old rotten imperialist design anymore.

Well that has to do with asian men in that region of the world being stuck in eternal images of 1900 century romantic and imperialism.

Shit Logo by th way.

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So what is it, luxury or premium? There is a huge difference between those two, the price of luxury being about twice as much as premium or more, and some smaller differences. An example for premium would be Audi, while an example for luxury would be Lamborghini.

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A company that calls themselves "Hondai" in the US trying to wipe off the Korean image is not going very far with a luxury/premium brand.

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