I choose you! Pokemon turns 25

By Katie Forster and Mathias Cena

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This brings tears to my eyes, I can't believe it. I am three years older, I am 28. One of the best in the history of arts of Japan. Satoshi Tajiri be Blessed.

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Don’t see people people playing the game and walking in front of trains lately.

must admit, very cute.

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I will celebrate by watching the dedicated episode in South Park

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Everyone should be able to enjoy ‘their own choice of diversions’. Watch! - Sooner, rather than later, the ‘haters’ will try to introduce their own agendas and politics into this topic. - RIP ジャガイモ -san.

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A non-event.

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Pokemon is for under 30.

Doraemon is a childhood memory for Asian people aged 30 and above. I think i still have the school bag of his picture from the late 80s.

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