IMF: China must wait to join exclusive currency club


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I used to have some Chinese yuan, and it appreciated nicely while I held it (due to the peg against the US dollar), but I flogged it off already.

While I have used the Chinese currency, I would not touch Chinese stock markets with a barge poll. What a casino that is. I guess the lovers of central planning might feel differently.

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What a casino that is. isnt most of the stock market? I invested in my export business about 4 yrs ago, the returns on that investment exceed almost everthing I could have on the stock market, and at a fraction of the risk. Stock market is for people who want to make money without really doing any hard work. When it goes bad it normally goes bad in a big way

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sir; too soon to join--they must be given several years before joining to see how the Chinese economy is regulated and usr ?

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