IMF warns Australia on surging home prices


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Ths follows the IMF's mission to Australia and its annual cosultations.

The results are available here: .

Well, house price index in Australia rose by 6.7% QOQ in Q2 2021, faster than the 5.4% growth in the previous quarter and above market consensus of 6%. And steeper than anything seen since the series began in Q3 2003.

But is this materially different that what is happening in other countries in a housing boom?

Should we also discuss the IMF's other talking points towards Australia? Like this one:

Promoting innovation, competition, and infrastructure investment, focusing on climate change policies, and addressing inequality will be important to achieve high, sustainable, and inclusive growth over the medium term.

Buckle your seat belts for next year's visit!

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the boom had been fueled by buyers "taking advantage of low mortgage rates and fiscal support programs".

So what/who is responsible for those things?

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I guess I don't see how this is matter for the IMF to interject themselves into. It seems like a matter for Australians to work out among themselves and no concern of any other nation.

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