In hybrid price war, new Prius battles Insight


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This is good news for the clean-fuel industry. Competition will help create better products.

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The Chinese also released a new model electric car they expect to be a winner at cheaper prices than Honda so more competition expected.

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An electric vehicle does not directly compete with a hybrid as its range is limited. I drove a Prius for two years and a half and went back to an IC engine vehicle, but I might be tempted again in the near future! I like this solar panel feature.

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Hey presto, what was issue you had with the hybrid?

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Initial outlay high; running costs low. We, an average family, use so little, we can't spread out the initial costs. No point in laying out for a Prius or Insight?

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Market to the taxi companies!

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He proudly told reporters about its outstanding mileage—50 miles per gallon

Why is he measuring in American? I don't think many people in Japan understand.

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50 miles to a US gallon is not so good. There are plenty of European petrol cars in the same class that can match that, let alone diesels that will beat it by a country mile.

How is producing all those batteries, extra electric motors and the standard engine, adding complexity and cost reducing CO2? Take a look at the all of life CO2 figures for the Prius and Insight and youll see that theyre beaten even by a petrol Jeep.

Motor manufacturers love to upsell.

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