In Japan, General Motors has low sales, but high hopes


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Keep hoping. apart from the corvette, not a single GM model that is worthwhile.

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Why Japanese people buy foreign cars? though there are a great variety of economy cars with perfect mileage here. Maybe 1 percent of such rich otaku people might buy ones.

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Are they really going to promote Cadillac in Japan? There is no hope. The only people who used to by Cadillacs were Yakuzas. Now, new regulation has come in, and selling cars to Yakuzas is considered assisting organized crime.

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which it says boast better quality and mileage.

Better than what a 10 ton truck?

These two car models they intend to offer are probably the most fuel inefficient new cars to be offered by any car maker , one would need a large bag full of rocks in their head to purchase one of these.

Sheeesh these American car makers still don't get it do they?

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I dont get it, What is all this fuss about there being informal barriers for these American automakers? I mean what exactly are the barriers? If there are any such barriers then I guess they are the same for the Germans, Italians and the British. Funny thing is all if their representative automakers sell more cars than the Americans.

If we can do a simple comparison test it is strikingly obvious that American car manufacturers have very rigidly un-flexible product line-ups. First of all American cars are huge, hell, even cars made by Japanese manufacturers for the American market are huge and not sold here. Why? because they are obviously huge and would not fit on most roads. They have terrible turn-radius's and hence, on top of the driver having poor visibility due to him being in the car sitting in the wrong side, it will prove difficult for him to maneuver. Actually come to think of it, most of suburban Tokyo has roads with narrow lanes and still narrower sidewalks making these cars literal killing machines.

Secondly American cars are notoriously fuel inefficient. (apart from the Tesla, which surprisingly is a normal sized car and might actually sell well here, once it becomes available for sale)

Thirdly, a lack of respect for Japanese road rules. I say this because American manufacturers know this and still refuse to make right-hand-dive cars. There are exceptions but, those are the models that do not already sell well in the U.S. Do they think that the Japanese people are not worthy enough to drive a Mustang, Corvette, Viper or a Camaro. Even sedans like the Charger and Towncar. I mean these are the cars we see in movies and secretly long for but, cannot own because of all the above factors racing through a potential buyers mind when he is deciding to get something he can comfortably enjoy going out in.

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A cadillac wouldn't fit in my street. Even if the street itsel were wider, the cadillac wouldn't be able to make the turn either way to get out.

The corvette, on the other hand, would be fine. I really like it, though won't be buying it; it's, too expensive, and I've got kids.

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Stop "hoping" and start actually "trying". How about an advertisement or two.

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"General Motors Co. has also begun to offer models with the steering wheel on the right, which is standard in Japan."


"The Corvette, which ranges from 9.29 million yen to 11.59 million yen"

Yikes! Plus 30,000 yen a month for parking!

"Keep hoping. apart from the corvette, not a single GM model that is worthwhile."

That must be why GM sold 2.4 million vehicles worldwide in the 3rd quarter. They're not worthwhile, ha ha lol

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Look at those prices. Obviously they're not looking for clients who are looking to save on gas. They're looking for clients who want to stand out from the rest of us plebeians who drive normal cars on normal roads.

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I often see Escalades rolling about, but other than a Blazer I wouldn't seriously consider ANY GM car. The US car concept just doesn't jive well with the reality of driving in Japan, for the most part.

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The GM should advertising with a case of Wine free monthly supply for a year for any model bought from GM.

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I saw the new Stingray class for the price.

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the greenest Corvette ever, delivering 12.3 kilometers per liter.

There must be something wrong with my eyes.

It looks yellow to me.

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Maybe selling cars for 1.8 times what they're worth has a downside? I once looked into getting a Mustang but $55,000? I don't think so.

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Is having an American director of sales and marketing an advantage for GM?

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@kobuta chan: You stated The GM should advertising with a case of Wine free monthly supply for a year for any model bought from GM

Are you suggesting GM should promote DUI (Driving Under Influence) accidents in Japan? .

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