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In Japan, Goldman, Fortress scout for runway, solar, infrastructure deals

By Junko Fujita

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Whenever Goldman gets involved, bet your bottom dollar it's rigged.

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Whenever Goldman gets involved, bet your bottom dollar it's rigged

no surprise there - I doubt they can even spell the word "ethical" ....

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Kansai airport is a trillion yen in debt...and has the 2nd highest landing fees in the world?!?! Clearly, they need help. Lots of it. Bring in the Singaporeans, I say.

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Anyone who thinks the govt is serious about renewables is mistaken. Subsidies have been drying up and the feed-in-tariff has been falling like a rock, steadily, year-by-year. And one just has to read the latest energy policy. Nuclear is the name of the game once again, after the post-tsunami tatemae. Sad, but was predictable.

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@Aholl @nostromo

So...do you actually know what Goldman does/is doing, or is this just the typical "down with all investment banks" kind of comment?

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