In the face of natural disasters, retro electronics make a comeback


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Panasonic is responding to increased customer demand for batteries by providing air delivery in some parts of Japan.

Delivering them by drone perhaps? Or just dropping them by parachute?

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Probably restricted to areas that have airports. :)

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I have a little solar powered battery pack and a bunch of accessories for it. I use it for camping, but in an emergency it is the duck's guts! It wasn't cheap though.

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If you have a family and are looking for a second hand van to carry them around, the Alphard and Estima hybrids have big inverters built in, much bigger than add on ones that go in the cigarette lighter. With those two, you can get over 1kW, like a dedicated generator. It means you can run a vacuum cleaner, tv, and charge up all your devices. In a big disaster, your mobile phone is huge because its how you check on other people. Keeping it charged becomes really important. A battery powered phone charger would be a good thing to have in an emergency kit. Most people will already have batteries for torches etc.

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Am radios and walkie talkies don't go down in a disaster.

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