Auto giants battle used car dealers for Africa's huge market

By Joe Bavier, Emma Rumney and Duncan Miriri

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In the Nairobi bazaar, Grace was shopping for her eldest son's first car. She said she could not afford to buy a new one.

New cars will never be cheaper than used,not to mention that used cars are much more ecologically better.

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Used is a huge market in Africa.  high tariffs on imported new cars make it so.  plus whatever the hype about economic growth across the continent, still only a small sliver of population (and their corrupt politicians) can afford new.

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I beg to differ. Most African cities DON'T need any more cars. The traffic jams and pollution in these cities is appalling!! The car manufacturer should create a corporate vehicle for the express purpose of building commuter train networks within cities and beyond. Long term problems of Congestion, pollution, employment, etc would have been sorted out. More cars is just more problems.

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The amount of decent cars in Japan that get scrapped or tossed because of the shaken regime is close to tragic. At least they can get second lives overseas, so to speak. I'd love to see shaken go away (or at least reduced somewhat), but the government loves it because it brings in lots of tax revenue, and big business loves it because it spurs a lot of new car purchases, so there's essentially zero chance of that ever happening.

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