Plastic bottles vs aluminum cans: Who'll win the global water fight?

By Eric Onstad

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Aluminium, glass may make a come back

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Who'll win the global water fight?

Kevin Kostner.

Seriously though,

"It's not necessarily saying we're pulling the plug on plastic, it's really looking at how do consumers react to canned water," said Coca-Cola's Karas.

They're not going to react well, that I can tell you.

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It is disgusting seeing so many plastic bottles washing up on Japanese beaches and it is probably worse in other Asian countries. Plastics also may not be as healthy to drink from as aluminum but ultimately why not go back to glass which can be cleaned and reused? When I was a kid I think soda tasted much better from a glass bottle.

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Remember too that aluminium cans also have a plastic membrane on the inside anyway

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plastic are breaking down into micro plastic bits and getting into the food chain.

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One way to reduce the millions of cans and plastic bottles is simply for towns and cities everywhere to invest in drinking fountains.....

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People need to start drinking tap water in countries and locations where it is safe to do so and if they need to take water with them there are containers that can be cleaned and reused multiple times.

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Not all PET plastic bottles are used for water. They are also used for juices and teas.

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its kind of strange non can show me on any satellite map that giant plastic floating island 2-3x the size of Texas ?? Then they spend $$millions to send boats out to clean it up and none have heard a peep from them cause they can't find it either? I think its all a hoax and they often use photos in harbors of undeveloped nations where trash blew up. Besides most of Asia I see use plastic bags to hold fountain sodas.

Japan and America are quite clean nations and trash is well managed. So why do they keep pushing this on us instead of those nations that do pollute massively ?

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The only way things will change for the better is when WE, consumers, start filling our OWN re-useable drinking bottles & CUT DOWN on buying drinks in plastic, aluminum or steel etc!

When I was back home I noticed a LOT of fountains were designed to also fill water bottles!  That is something that should be encouraged.

But DONT expect big biz to promote that!

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There are many public toilets were bottles could be refilled with water.

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recycling is good, but the easiest thing is not to have plastic packaging in the first place! what bugs me is when you go to a supermarket just take a note of how much unnecessary plastic companies use, when you are unloading your shopping out onto the conveyor belt, just see how much plastic wrapping and trays are used, virtually everything is covered in plastic, yes it looks nice, but, is it really necessary? nope I dont think so, all companies need to rethink there packaging policies, if you dont use it in the first place, then there would be no need to recycle it.

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